Pertanika Proceeding

Submission Guidelines


Guidelines & Forms


  • Conference organisers submit a proposal to Pertanika Proceeding.
  • Evaluation by the editorial office.
  • Acceptance email to the conference organiser, which covers the costs and services.
  • Conference organisers collect submissions and perform a peer review.
  • Accepted papers and peer review records are delivered to the editorial office before or after the conference.
  • Checklist

    1. Original Manuscripts
    2. Amended Manuscripts
    3. Reviewer Reports (1st Cycle & 2nd Cycle)
    4. Responses to Reviewers’ Comments
    5. Copyright Form
    6. List of Reviewers (Name, Affiliation & Email Address)
    7. List of Authors (Name, Affiliation & Email Address)


  • Documentation check by the editorial office; unqualified submissions will be rejected.
  • Payment by the conference organiser.
  • Online publication by the editorial office.
  • The editorial office notifies all authors once the volume has been published.