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Effectiveness of Learning Portfolio for Writing Practice in Korean Language Learning

Jung Gyeo Woon and Hazel Ng Jin May

Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 28, Issue S2, December 2020

Published: 18 March 2020

Electronic communication forms a greater part of everyday language use and this form has influenced foreign language teaching and learning. If foreign language learners in the 21st century are able to practice their target language in its written form through both a hand-written and typed format, this will allow for more engagement; and flexible learning. Infotech in language and communication today allows for various channels to use the target language. This study aims to examine the perception of Korean language learners, and how they view the effectiveness of Naver Blog (blog.naver.com) as an electronic learning portfolio (e-portfolio) to practice the language in written its form over the course of five weeks, during which the weekly online task of publishing posts in the target language is required. Learners were undergraduate students enrolled in a beginner-level Korean language university elective module. The students believed that the effectiveness of improving writing skills included the need to look into sentence structure, spelling and vocabulary. These opinions were collected through a questionnaire. Results indicate that students agreed that publishing was an effective way to practice the Korean language, as well as to improve writing skills in the areas discussed in this study. This study expects to provide language instructors with insights into the adoption of existing online platforms in their teaching and learning activities.

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