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Design of a Smart Portable Farming Kit for Indoor Cultivation Using the Raspberry Pi Platform

Muhammad Izzad Ramli, Muhammad Azizi Mohd Ariffin, Zarina Zainol, Mohd Nazrul Mohd Amin, Dedeng Hirawan, Irfan Dwiguna Sumitra and Nursuriati Jamil

Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology, Pre-Press


Keywords: Food security, indoor farming, internet of things (IoT), remote farming, single board computer, smart farming, urban farming

Published: 2023-05-24

The global crisis and climate change have resulted in severe food shortages worldwide. One of the solutions is self-farming by using smart farming technology. Smart and efficient agricultural production or smart farming using IoT sensors, big data, and cloud service has proven its value for a decade, but the effect depends on the agricultural environment of the country or society. Hence self-farming is likely the most feasible solution to avoid food scarcity. The smart farming system monitors and maintains essential growth parameters like light, temperature, and humidity to ensure maximum yield. In this paper, we propose a Smart Portable Farming Kit design, which is simple, lightweight, and durable to be placed indoors in an urban area. This prototype design uses the Internet of Things (IoT) based system for cultivating short-duration vegetables and mushrooms in an urban area with minimal user attention. The proposed design proved better than the traditional setup by increasing the mushroom yield. With Smart Portable Farming Kit, urban farming becomes a more viable alternative to increase food security, making oyster mushroom cultivation in the urban area easier and more profitable.

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