Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science

Special Issue Submission Guidelines


Pertanika welcomes proposals from interested parties for Special issues. A Special Issue should be focused on a thematic topic of relevance that may be sourced from a conference, symposium, event, or a special project. The theme must be relevant and significant to the development of the field. Submission by a Guest Editor/s of a proposed Special Issue must include the following:


  1. The title of the Special or Thematic Issue/Conference/Symposium/Event/ Special project.
  2. The date of the Conference/Symposium/Event/ Special project.
  3. The name of the Organizer/Proposer.
  4. The total number of manuscripts expected to be publish
  5. Rational (500 - 800 words) explaining the intended focus, significance, and novelty of the proposed Special/Thematic Issue).
  6. List of possible topics in the proposed Special Issue.
  7. The name(s) of the Guest Editor(s) (names, titles, affiliations, and contact information). For cases of more than one Guest Editors, a Chief Guest Editor will need to be identified who will be responsible for handling all manuscripts of the Special Issue with the help of the other Guest Editors.

Submitting the proposal


Please fill in the proposal form and submit to the Chief Executive Editor via e-mail:


Special Issues Guidelines and Forms

Proposing a Special Issue

Please download and read the guidelines below before submitting the completed proposal form


  1. Special Issue Requirement
  2. Guidelines on Pertanika Special Issue
  3. Scope of the journal
  4. Journal policy on submission and review process
  5. Code of Ethics