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Combined Effect of Soil Applied Iron and Sulfur Fertilisers on Monoterpene Content and Antioxidant Activity of Satureja hortensis L. Extract

Zahedifar, M. and Najafian, S. H.

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 38, Issue 3, August 2015

Keywords: Fertiliser, monoterpene production, lamiaceae Satureja hortensis, savory, antioxidant activity

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Chemical-composition/antioxidant-activity of Satureja hortensis L. extract is influenced by many factors including nutrient elements. A factorial completely randomized design greenhouse experiment was conducted to study the effect of three levels of soil-applied iron, Fe (0, 8 and 16mg kg soil as ethylene-di-amine-die-hydroxyl-acetic-acid, FeEDDHA) and three levels of sulfur, S (0, 50 and 100mg kg-1 soil as elemental-S) on monoterpene production and antioxidant activity of Satureja hortensis L. The maximum (377.75 mg/L) and minimum (720.406 mg/L) antioxidant activity were obtained with 8mg Fe+100mg S treatment and control, respectively. The main oil constituents in control were γ-terpinene (67%), a-terpinene (11%), myrcene (4%), a-thujene (4%), p-cymene (4%), a-pinene (3%) and carvacrol (2%). The maximum content of a-thujene, a-pinene, myrcene and a-terpinene was obtained with 8mg Fe+50mg S application whereas the control was suitable for obtaining γ-terpinene. Carvacrol was mainly produced with addition of 16mg Fe+100mg S. Furthermore, the a-thujene, a-pinene, myrcene and a-terpinene contents increased with application of 8mg Fe+50mg S.-1 The a-terpinene, myrcene, a-thujene and a-pinene increased by 13, 27, 21 and 43% compared to control, respectively when 8mg Fe+50mg S was applied. The entire component of monoterpenoid fraction with the major constituent of γ-terpinene, a-terpinene, myrcene, a-thujene, p-cymene, a-pinene and carvacrol that constitutes 99.9% of essential oil showed a same trend whereas identified sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenoid components were relatively low (0.1%). The low molecular weight of γ-terpinene decreased as 8mg Fe+50mg S was applied. In general, it could be concluded that application of 8mg Fe+50mg S kg-1 the most suitable treatment for obtaining higher amounts of a-terpinene, myrcene, a-thujene and a-pinene whereas addition of 16mg Fe+100mg S kg-1 was preferable for obtaining carvacrol.

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